A cat who was found frozen and buried under snow during the US polar vortex has thawed out and made a full recovery

Fluffy before and after her recovery. Courtesy of the Animal Clinic of Kalispell
  • The Animal Clinic of Kalispell, Montana, helped revive Fluffy the cat after her owners found her frozen and buried in snow.
  • Fluffy was found unresponsive on January 31, when temperatures in the region hit a low of 9F.
  • Veterinarians used towels, warm water, and hairdryers to thaw Fluffy out, and within an hour she was back to her normal self.

A cat who was found frozen, unresponsive, and buried in snow outside her home in Montana last week has made a full recovery.

Fluffy the cat was brought into the Animal Clinic fo Kalispell, Montana, on January 31, when temperatures hit a low of 9F as parts of the US were hit with a polar vortex.

She was unresponsive and covered in balls of snow and ice.

But within an hour, with the help of veterinarians, warm towels, hairdryers and fluids, Fluffy was starting to feel like herself again, animal clinic executive director Andrea Dutter told INSIDER.

And a week later, Fluffy has made a full recovery.

“She’s doing great,” Dutter said. “She’s inside and warm and happy, and doing well.”

Dutter said that Fluffy is three years old and had always been an outdoor cat, but a couple who had recently moved to the area decided to take her in.

Fluffy the cat
Fluffy is seen here in the midst of her recovery on January 31. Courtesy of Animal Clinic of Kalispell

The couple had found Fluffy outside, and started to feed her and bring her into the clinic for check ups.

She remained an indoor-outdoor cat, and last Thursday the couple found her frozen outside.

Dutter suspects an injury of sorts made Fluffy unable to get home in the cold, but it remains unclear what the injury could have been.

“Either something fell on her or she fell or something chased her and she got injured. … She couldn’t get back to her normal little hiding spots that she goes to,” she told The Associated Press.

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Doctors don’t know how long Fluffy was outside, but her temperature was so low that a thermometer couldn’t read it, Dutter told INSIDER.

The couple immediately brought Fluffy to the clinic, where vets used towels, warm water, hairdryers, and fluids to thaw Fluffy out.

“It was a scenario of good timing,” Dutter said of the rescue. “They got home just in time.”

For now Fluffy will remain an indoor cat, though Dutter said it may be hard to keep her inside since she knows how to get out.