10 Women Who Should Play The Next Bond Girl

amber heardJohnny Depp’s on-again-off-again love interest Amber Heard is one actress we’d like to see cozy up to Bond.

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Last week, we gave you an idea of what made up the ideal Bond actress. Now that we know we’ll have at least three more films in the mix, we decided to cast Daniel Craig’s future leading ladies.

Don’t expect to see a bunch of familiar faces. We left most well-known actresses off the list considering Bond babes are usually pretty unknown.

Here are the actresses we’d love to see try to infiltrate 007 on the job or in bed.

Maggie Grace

Age: 29

Where you know her from: 'Lost,' the 'Taken' franchise, 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2'

Grace may have started out as the spoiled survivor of Oceanic Flight 815 on 'Lost,' but she's proven she can handle her own in action films alongside Liam Neeson in 'Taken.'

Blonde or brunette, she can look like the girl next door or a captivating beauty. We're thinking it's time for Grace to graduate from daddy's little girl to Bond woman on screen.

Amber Heard

Age: 26

What you know her from: NBC's cancelled 'The Playboy Club,' 'Zombieland,' 'The Rum Diary'

Normally a blonde, Heard recently traded in her light-coloured locks for a darker hue which make her look virtually unrecognizable. Concerned about her with Bond? We're sure Heard can handle Daniel Craig after romancing Johnny Depp (on and off the screen) in 'The Rum Diary.'

And, she's not just a pretty face. Heard is known to have a soft spot for guns and fast cars, a necessity if you're living in face of danger with Bond.

Marion Cotillard

Age: 37

What you know her from: 'Inception,' 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Cotillard would be the perfect seductress to turn against 007. The leading lady often turns out to be toxic to our protagonists. Just ask Batman.

At 37, the actress would be just two years younger than the oldest Bond girl, honour Blackman in 'Goldfinger.'

Olivia Wilde

Age: 28

What you know her from: 'TRON: Legacy,' 'In Time,' and 'Cowboys & Aliens'

Wilde is quickly becoming a staple as a lead action star. The actress was also rumoured to (considered for the part) in 'Skyfall.'

Ashley Greene

Age: 25

What you know her from: 'The Twilight Saga,' ABC's cancelled 'Pan Am'

If anyone else is going to come from 'Twilight' fame, it's going to be Greene. The actress plays the telepathic vampire with a pixie cut from the teen sensation.

While Greene was told she wouldn't make it in modelling because of her height (5'5'), we think she'd make a fine fill-in as a Bond woman.

Gal Gadot

Age: 27

What you know her from: 'Fast and the Furious' franchise, 'Knight and Day'

Bond actresses aren't just American. The former Miss Israel is no stranger to getting her hands dirty next to Vin Diesel and The Rock as part of the 'Fast and the Furious' franchise.

Priyanka Chopra

Age: 30

Chopra is one of Bollywood's most popular actresses and singers who has has been taking India -- and the world -- by storm. Last year, Maxim declared her the 'Hottest Girl of the Year' while People named her India's 'Best Dressed Woman.' She was also crowned Miss World in 2000.

If Sony and MGM are searching for international appeal with the next Bond films, it's with a well-known overseas actress.

Angel Locsin

Age: 27

Angel Locsin is a Filipino actress starring in foreign films and TV commercials since 2004. She's currently part of a television show overseas called 'Toda Max.'

There's been a total of one Filipino actress who has appeared in a Bond film (if you count Rachel Grant in 'Die Another Day'), so we figure its time to add another to the list.

Roxane Mesquida

Age: 31

Bond films have a knack for French models and actresses (from Denise Perrier to the most recent Bérénice Marlohe). Mesquida would fit right into the Bond clan.

Unlike Locsin, you may recognise Mesquida from a few episodes of 'Gossip Girl' or 2010 indie comedy 'Rubber.' The film's difficult to forget considering it's about a tire that can kill people with psychic powers.

Ana Ventura

While Ms. Ventura isn't well known, the Brazilian actress and model was rumoured to play one of the Bond girls in 'Skyfall.'

She's set to be the lead in next year's 'Hot Wings.'

BONUS: Rihanna

Age: 24

Even Daniel Craig himself said he'd choose Rihanna over Beyoncé when it came down to which singer would make a better Bond babe.

With singles 'S&M,' 'Birthday Cake,' and 'Rude Boy,' we know Rihanna's seductive and no stranger to promiscuity. However, after Rihanna's debut in 'Battleship,' her acting chops may need a bit of refining.

Now that you've seen who we'd like to play the new Bond girl ...

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