Casting Agent Reveals The 'Snooki Formula' That Gets People On TV

sarah monson

Courtesy Sarah Monson

Sarah Monson, author of “Me On TV: The First Ever Kick-arse Guide To Get You On Any Reality Show.”

Sarah Monson knows how to get you on TV. The former casting director has found talent for shows including “The Bachelor” and “Survivor.” And now she has a new book about achieving reality stardom, called “Me On TV: The First Ever Kick-arse Guide To Get You On Any Reality Show.”

Monson says that casting directors these days look for the “Snooki formula.”

But it doesn’t just involve one-part bump-it and two-parts spray tan.

“Start with a polarising stereotype, saturate with unapologetic flaws, and then add in a dash of humanity for good measure,” Monson told us in a phone interview. 

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“Snooki is this partygirl with tons and tons of make-up and she’s loud and obnoxious,” explained Monson. “But then she cries and calls her mum or gets pregnant or something and then you find yourself kind of liking her.” 

This draws people in because they can’t decide whether they like the character or not, Monson said. The confusion keeps viewers entertained and increases the show and character’s longevity.

It’s important to pick a stereotype and stick to it, adds the author. 

“You might think you’re interesting, but in a worldwide pool it’s hard to stick out,” Monson explains. “So we’re looking for characters.” 

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