Casino Wars: Premier Hoses Down Two-Casino Result, But It Could Still Happen

According to News Limited, New South Wales Premier Barry O’Farrell is hosing down talk of Sydney getting both an Echo and a James Packer-backed casino.

Photo: Getty/Cameron Spencer

Both have submitted proposals to the state government, and Echo’s would allow two casinos to be built on the harbour. The plans have sparked speculation that a dual licence may be issued.

The so-called Sydney casino wars could potentially strip Echo of its exclusive license, which it will hold in any instance until 2019.

“I hear today people say ‘the government can have its cake and eat it too’,” O’Farrell said today according to The Australian.

“I worked out long ago when I was battling my weight that is impossible.”

O’Farrell said it was up to Former Commonwealth Bank and Future Fund boss David Murray to decide what happens.

That does mean there can’t be two casinos though.

A spokesperson for the Premier’s office Brad Burden confirmed to Business Insider last week that it was within Murray’s power to award a dual license.

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