Cash4Gold Will Pay Its Critics To Do Worse On Google


What to make of Cash4Gold… the online pawn shop that claims rich folks are scrambling to hand over their heirloom jewelry in this time of crisis. In addition to advertising on the Super Bowl, the company is attempting a much shadier way of improving its profile. It’s asking bloggers who’ve written critical posts of Cash4Gold to “de-optimise” themselves, so that they don’t show up so high on Google. Normally, of course, blogs and any other site are desperate to rank as high as possible.

Here’s the email they sent Rob Cockerham of (via Free Exchange) after he posted an article critical of the company:

I work on the Cash4Gold site. We are trying to clean up their first page of results in Google. Your article: is ranking very well for term “Cash4Gold”. The site looks like you may do well from Adsense.

Is there a financial arrangement we can come to that will offset your Adsense income and make it worth your while to take down or at least “de-optimise” it for that phrase? I would be happy to speak more about this on the phone…

Joe Laratro
Tandem Interactive – Trendy Online Marketing Solutions
Hollywood, FL 33020

There’s something very ominous about any company looking to “clean up” their first page of Google, no? In a followup email they even offered him “a few thousand” to take down the site. Can’t say a story like this will ultimately do much to improve their reptuation.