An Indy Filmmaker Created This Awesome Ad To Convince Young People To Buy A Mercedes

Skateboards, American flags, and American flag bikinis aren’t standard in Mercedes-Benz commercials, but they’re all over a new ad from filmmaker Casey Neistat.

Then again, the CLA-Class isn’t a standard Mercedes. What sets it apart is its unusually low price tag of just $US29,000, and its young target market: newly wealthy buyers looking for their first luxury car.

Neistat is known for his creative YouTube videos, including a hugely popular video he made of himself biking into obstacles blocking NYC bike lanes. In the new Mercedes ad, a car drives on ice and through a city, towing a skateboard-riding Neistat.

The message appears: “Sometimes you just have to say yes.”

It’s a lot of fun to watch, and a perfect fit for the demographic Mercedes is trying to reach.


Then compare it to a recent ad for the S-Class, the top of the line Benz that’s best used for chauffeuring CEOs:

Neistat also made a series of videos on the making of the commercial, you can watch Part 1 here.

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