Casey Anthony Denies Being A Killer But Admits To Being A 'Stupid Kid'

casey anthony court trial

Photo: Red Huber-Pool/Getty Images

After enduring the trial of the century and unprecedented public scorn, Casey Anthony still maintains she did not kill her daughter.Anthony sat down with Piers Morgan Tuesday night and told the news anchor she didn’t kill her daughter but she is “ashamed of the person that I was,” Morgan tweeted last night.

Anthony was accused of killing her young daughter Caylee. She was acquitted in 2011 during one of the most publicized trials in recent memory.

In addition to charges she killed her daughter, police claim Anthony lied to them and deliberately misled investigators.

During the blockbuster interview, Anthony told Morgan she was a “stupid kid” but was never a party girl.

“The public perception of me is bad, absolutely horrible,” Anthony said.

But she did tell Morgan Caylee was her “greatest accomplishment,” and “there’s no one I love more than my daughter,” Morgan tweeted.

Anthony was recently sued for defamation for telling authorities a nanny named Zenaida Gonzalez kidnapped her daughter.

The nanny didn’t exist but a woman by the same name who wasn’t connected to the case is suing Anthony.


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