WATCH: Casey Anthony Released From Jail With 'Unusual Amount of Security'

Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony is free.Early Sunday morning the woman found innocent of killing her 2-year-old daughter was released from jail, escorted by two armed sheriff’s deputies and her attorney, Jose Baez.

In a statement, Orange County Jail spokesman Allen Moore said:

“This release had an unusual amount of security so, therefore, in that sense, it would not be a normal release. We have made every effort to not provide any special treatment for her. She’s been treated like every other inmate.”

The screams of demonstrators and reporters could be heard as Anthony exited the jail and immediately got into a car with Baez.

Anthony reportedly then boarded a private plane at the Orlando Executive Airport, according to ABC News.

Raw footage of Anthony’s release — as well as the sounds of screaming protestors and hovering helicopters — below.

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