5 Ways Casey Anthony Can Disguise Herself Now That She's Free


On Sunday, Casey Anthony was finally released from jail.

And she’s all smiles.

Now what?

It’s no secret that Anthony’s acquittal has angered a lot of people (read: Nancy Grace) and with worries over her safety, Anthony is likely heading into hiding.

Of course, after weeks (and weeks…and weeks) of coverage, her face may not be the easiest to hide.

A number of people have suggested she might even go so far as to have her face surgically changed.

That may be a bit extreme, however, for regular daily outings in the foreseeable future a disguise may be necessary.  With that in mind we came up with a few new looks (with the help of this virtual makeover site) for Anthony.

Blonde hair and blue eyes -- perfect if she heads to California.

The red hair doesn't make that smile any less creepy.

Snooki bump-it! She can spend the rest of summer at the shore?

Retro. And Katy Perry.

Long dark waves and a lot of makeup -- a la the Kardashian klan.

He would love to nab the first interview with Anthony.

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