Guess Who Bested Oprah To Get The First Casey Anthony Interview?

Dr. Phil

After weeks of speculation, the first Casey Anthony interview is on the books.

But it won’t be the woman herself who first breaks the silence — it’s her parents who will sit down with Dr. Phil McGraw in an interview to air Sept. 12.

McGraw claims he’s planning on asking George and Cindy Anthony some “tough questions.”

From an industry standpoint, this is proof positive that Oprah Winfrey is goign to struggle without her show.

Our kneejerk expectation is still that she’d get the first crack at these people, right?

But unless she starts booking one-off network specials, everything Winfrey does is going to have to air on OWN — and the reach of that channel can’t hold a candle to the wide syndication of shows like McGraw’s.