Key Witness In Casey Anthony Murder Trial Testifies ABC News Paid Him $15,000 For Photo

Roy Cronk

The Casey Anthony murder trial continues.

Wednesday morning, Roy Kronk – the meter reader who first discovered the remains of Anthony’s daughter Caylee – testified in court today that ABC News paid him $15,000 to licence “a photo of a snake.”

TVNewser has transcript of the testimony:

Attorney: Did you go on “Good Morning America” show?
Kronk: Yes, sir.
Attorney: When did you do that?
Kronk: It was in January, but I don’t remember the exact date, sir.
Attorney: And did you get paid for doing that?
Kronk: I was paid for — I was paid for a licensed picture of a snake but I knew there would probably be an interview involved, so.
Attorney: Were you paid $15,000 for doing that, sir?
Kronk: I was paid $15,000 for a licensed picture of the snake, sir.

Kronk is a key witness for the prosecution team who the defence is working to discredit in court today.

Earlier this month NYT published a story about ABC’s history of paying for photos and video, though they prefer to call it “licensing.”

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