Cartoonists Around The World Responded To The Charlie Hebdo Massacre With These Drawings

A terrorist attack Wednesday at the office of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris left the world in shock.

Five cartoonists, including the magazine’s editor-in-chief Stephane Charbonnier, were killed. 

This morning, newspapers around the world dedicated their front pages to the massacre. Meanwhile, cartoonists all over responded to the deadly shootings with these moving images. 

Plantu, it says: “With Charlie Hebdo with all my heart.”

Albert Uderzo, the author of Asterix


Jean Jullien

Miguel Villalba Sanchez

Leo Ortolani

David Pope

Dilem. The sentence means: “God is satire,” but in French it sounds the same as “God is love.”


Luis Quiles


Martin Vidberg. It says: “Today, I am a cartoonist. Today, I am a journalist. Today, I draw for Charlie Hebdo

Zep. God is saying: “Cabu? For once, you are ahead”

 Ruben Oppenheimer

Remi Mallingrey

Loïc Sécheresse

Neelabh Banerjee

Ann Telnaes

Tomi Ungerer. The sentence means “No freedom without freedom of the press.”

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