This chart shows the stunning age divide in the Brexit vote

It’s official. 
Britain has chosen to leave the European Union.

Britons voted on whether the UK should “Remain” or “Leave” the 28-nation bloc between 7 a.m. BST and 10 p.m. BST on Thursday June 23, and results were counted overnight.

As of 4:45 AM BST (11:45 p.m. ET), the results show 52% voted to leave the EU versus 48% that voted for Britain to stay within the EU. That’s 11,855,663 votes for Remain and 12,698,977 votes for Leave.

BBC, Sky News, and ITV all called the Brexit vote right around midnight ET.

But what’s particularly stunning about the results is the huge divide among age brackets.

Los Angeles Times reporter Laura J. Nelson tweeted a stunning chart showing that young voters were more likely to vote Remain, while older voters were more likely to vote Leave.

Check it out below.


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