Twitter users are convinced that a US NFL player and Prince Harry are the same person

Prince Harry (R) and Carson Wentz (L)/ Getty Images
  • Many people on social media suddenly noticed the similarities between Prince Harry and Carson Wentz after the former got engaged.
  • Even the the Philadelphia Eagles’ official Twitter account got in on the fun.

The announcement of Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markle took the internet by storm on Monday, with many excited by the prospect of another Royal Wedding in the near future.

But while fans of tabloid news and British lineage claims shared their excitement over the coming nuptials, football fans developed a theory all their own on another corner of the internet – Are Prince Harry and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz actually the same person?

The theory jokingly sprouted and spread across Twitter on Monday as more and more people noticed similarities between the two men – a brush of red hair with a beard to match, blue eyes, broad shoulders, and a lovely smile.

Some were convinced that the two were long-lost brothers.

While others confused the two in comical tweets – including the Eagles official Twitter account.

Even Wentz’s Eagles teammate Torrey Smith didn’t know what to believe, noting that he had never seen Wentz and the Prince in the same place at the same time.

The question spread swiftly across the Internet, grabbing the attention of football fans and conspiracy theorists alike.

There seems to be only one way to settle the matter for sure – Philadelphia is one of just six teams that has yet to play in London as a part of the NFL International Series, and is one of the likely candidates to make the trip in 2018.

If it happens, the Eagles can send Prince Harry and his family an invite, so we can prove once and for all that he is not in fact the starting quarterback for Philadelphia.