Watch Carson Block Present The Latest Chinese Company Where He Sees A 'High Risk Of Fraud'

Short-seller Carson Block, the the founder and research director of Muddy Waters Research, has just released a new research report in the form of a narrated video where he’s alleging a “high risk of fraud” at Fushi Copperweld (Ticker: FSIN).

“We previously took a look at Fushi Copperweld internally because it’s the subject of a troubled go-private bid by its chairman.  Our work on FSIN included factory surveillance and SAIC file review.  Our conclusion is that we believe FSIN presents a high risk of fraud,” Block said in the video. 

Block is best known for releasing a damning report about Chinese timber company Sino-Forest that the company overstated its timberland holdings causing the stock-price to nose dive.

Here’s Block’s so-called “Frauducation” video presentation. 

Muddy Waters – Narrated Frauducation on Fraud School, RINO, FSIN from Muddy Waters on Vimeo.

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