BMW And Porsche Are Now Testing Extra Wide Cars For Fat Drivers

fat bus driver

[credit provider=”Wikimedia”]

Americans are fat and getting fatter, and so is the rest of the world. In response to this trend, luxury car manufacturers are testing wider cars and other innovations.According to the Telegraph, BMW has launched a study, appropriately called “plump my ride,” to see how obesity affects drivers’ mobility

Eight-hundred volunteers of all different sizes will be tested on limits to motion, such as how easy it is for them to get in out of cars or look over their shoulder while backing up. 

But BMW isn’t the only automaker adapting to the changing needs of customers. Mercedes, Porsche, Honda, and Ford have all been forced to make adjustments as a result of passengers and drivers becoming more overweight.

Innovations include stronger grab handles above the doors, “electrically-powered steering columns,” “sausage finger” buttons, reversing aids and blind spot detectors, according to The Telegraph.

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