Carry on up the minister: Christopher Pyne works the double entendres in a radio interview

Education minister Christopher Pyne. Photo: Stefan Postles/Getty.

Christopher Pyne has a wicked sense of humour and likes to channel his inner Kenneth Williams every now and then, if only to amuse himself.

He memorably told David Speers on Sky News that he was “a fixer” when it came to education. Today, discussing the federal government’s $40 billion plan for shipbuilding in his home state of South Australia, he began by making it sound like the old British Carry On comedies, which relied heavily on double entendre.

The MP for Sturt, who’s just published a book, A Letter to My Children, about his life in politics, was on ABC radio in Adelaide this morning with David Bevan and Matthew Abraham when the pair kicked off the interview by announcing they were also streaming it on Periscope, Twitter’s video app.

“Good morning gentlemen, it’s lovely to be Periscoped,” Pyne begins, starting to chuckle to himself.

“Well it’s been up periscope for jobs,” Abraham says in response, keen to discuss the plan to build Navy frigates in South Australia, as well as the maintenance plans to the submarine fleet.

But the minister hasn’t finished.

“I’ve been Periscoped before though. I think I’ve been on Periscope for some time,” Pyne continues.

“How did that feel?” he’s asked.

“Quite painless actually,” he says.

“This is starting to sound like one of those uncomfortable prostate exams for Men’s Health Week,” Abraham says.

“You mentioned it, no-one else did it. There goes the other shoe dropping,” Pyne responds.

The trio laugh for several seconds before pressing on.

The show’s other regular guest, Labor MP Mark Butler, is on the phone from “Rooty Hill”.

The laughter continues before the pressing political issues of the day are discussed.

Watch it happen here

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