A New App Called Carrot Insults You Relentlessly Until You Lose Weight

Carrot HungerCarrotWhen you eat too many calories Carrot punishes you

Carrot Hunger is an app that wants to bully you into counting calories. 

The goal of the app is to make you feel like a fatty in the hopes that you might actually stick to your diet. 

When the app is opened, you’re immediately greeted with a series of screens calling you a “meat bag” and “carcass.” As you enter more personal information such as weight, height, and gender, Carrot adjusts the insults accordingly. 

The app uses this personal data to set daily calorie limits. As with many fitness apps, you search for foods in the app’s database and record what you’ve eaten. Carrot also lets you know how many hours/minutes of exercise it would take to burn off the calories you enter. 

As you consume throughout the day, a meter screen fills up. The app simultaneously makes your avatar larger and generates a new insult every time you eat. 

If you surpass your daily limit you’re allowed to make an in-app purchase to wipe the calories away. If you decline, Carrot punishes you by barraging your screen with more ads. “Open the fridge, and if you dare to overindulge, I can punish you financially, aesthetically, and socially,” the app says mockingly.”

CarrotCarrotCarrot Hunger shames you into eating less

“When I was using Carrot, I got an advertisement for “free fries” and when I clicked, was mocked about caving in,” Owen Williams at the The Next Web reports. 

The app itself remains free to download.

It’s worth noting that while the app is sarcastic, it’s not outright mean. It’s just bright and lighthearted enough that users shouldn’t be completely scared away after first use. 

It’s more like having your own tough-but-well-intentioned personal fitness robot overlord. This isn’t the first shame-driven diet tool. First came the food shaming fork, then the fat adjusting belt.

Check Carrot Hunger out in the app store. 

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