Carrie Fisher gave one of the best interviews of her life last year on 'Good Morning America'

Legendary “Star Wars” actress Carrie Fisher died at age 60 after suffering a heart attack. 

The actress, who first gained international stardom for her performance as Princess Leia, was known for far more than just her work in a galaxy far, far away. She was also a renowned screenwriter, author, and a prolific tweeter.

She could also make a typical movie press tour extremely fun.

2015, while promoting “The Force Awakens,” she gave one of the funniest and most energetic interviews of her career on “Good Morning America.” 

For the entire interview, Fisher’s loyal French bulldog Gary sat by her side, and she brought the conversation back to him whenever she could.

Carrie fisher garyABC/GMACarrie Fisher with her dog, Gary, who had his own seat during the interview.

During the interview, you can best see her incredibly self-deprecating side, as she mocks her age and what it’s like to constantly be tied with this one role for your whole life. 

And she could be funny while being painfully honest. At one point, Fisher is asked about her weight loss for “The Force Awakens,” a topic which came up frequently while she was promoting the movie. 

“Yes, I did lose weight. And I think it’s a stupid conversation…but not with you!” Fisher said to interviewer Amy Robach. “I mean, it’s good with you but normally I wouldn’t talk about it with someone else. But you’re so thin let’s talk about it.”

As Fisher turned the interview tables, you can hear crew members hysterically laughing offscreen.

“I think in my mouth, so I don’t lie,” Fisher said after saying that “The Force Awakens” is good.

That one line can also apply to Fisher’s entire persona.

Watch the entertaining interview here:

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