An unearthed Carrie Fisher 'Star Wars' interview from 1977 shows off her charm

Carrie Fisher Rachel Wolf YouTube finalRachel Wolf/YouTubeCarrie Fisher.

Since Carrie Fisher’s death on Tuesday, we have celebrated her talents not just on the screen but behind it as a best-selling author, script doctor, and candid speaker about her own experiences to bring notice to mental-health issues.

And now we can gush over how cultured she was. While promoting the first “Star Wars” movie in 1977 in France, she was near-fluent in French, as we can see in this rarely seen clip from a TV interview.

Sitting alongside a dapper Harrison Ford smoking a cigarette (these were certainly simpler times), Fisher engages in a conversation with the French interviewer about her Princess Leia character. 

Showing shades of the authentic voice we’d go on to fall for as she got older, here in her 20s she speaks on the importance of George Lucas creating a character like Leia.

“He also wrote the script to ‘Star Wars’ and he made the character very specific, very well I think, because she’s not a victim, the princess. She is very strong,” Fisher said in French. “There aren’t a lot of strong females in films right now.”

Watch the clip (with subtitles) below:

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