rumour: Caroline Wozniacki And Rory McIlroy Are Engaged!

rumours have been spreading that tennis star Caroline Wozniacki and golfer Rory McIlroy are engaged.

According to, Wozniacki showed up to the Brisbane International with a diamond ring on her left finger. Apparently, Wozniacki wore the ring at the airport and before her practice session but took it off when she got on the court. McIlroy is also in Australia with perhaps, his fiance.

Also, Larry Brown Sports readers seem to think that Wozniacki is wearing a ring in this photo:

caroline wozniacki and rory mcilroy engaged

And if you look very closely, they might be right.

So what does this say for their careers? Well, Rory is doing just fine at number one, but it seems Caroline has been struggling ever since she started dating the golfer. Here’s how she’s done in tournaments since she and Rory started dating (at the green line):

caroline wozniacki results since rory mcilroy chart

[credit provider=”Tony Manfred”]