Caroline Wozniacki Got Her First Endorsement Deal At Age 10 By Calling Adidas Herself

Caroline Wozniacki has yet to win a Grand Slam tournament but she is a genuine star and one of the sport’s most recognisable faces making nearly $US10 million a year in endorsement deals, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Monica Langley recently wrote a behind-the-scenes story on Wozniacki that focused on her budding business career and endorsement deals even though the 7th-ranked player in the world has little interest in how much money she makes.

A perfect example is that she has no idea how much money she has and has no idea how much she pays her father to be her coach only saying that her dad “would work for free … he can have whatever he wants.”

But that doesn’t mean Wozniacki doesn’t care about the business side of her sport and picking up endorsement deals. However, she appears to be more interested in the free stuff she gets out of the deals.

Take for example the incredible story of how Wozniacki landed her first endorsement deal.

Wozniacki excelled at tennis from the time she began playing. At 10, she called the German-based company Adidas herself (using her perfect English) and landed her first clothing deal. “I could order anything I wanted — like Christmas,” she recalled.

Caroline WozniackiJeff Gross/Getty ImagesCaroline Wozniacki in 2007.

Wozniacki, now 24, is the seventh highest-paid tennis player in the world, men’s or women’s, and yet it seems like not much has changed.

In a meeting with her agents to discuss potential deals, Wozniacki exclaimed that the wanted “a chocolate deal!” recalling a time Roger Federer had left her a chocolate bar from one of his endorsement deals.

“I will do a chocolate deal for product only,” Wozniacki said (while smiling). “No need for money.”

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