AOL’s New NY Digs

The gleaming Time Warner centre it ain’t.  But, then again, who wants to be in midtown?  AOL’s new corporate headquarters will be in the “Village,” at 770 Broadway (9th Street).  CNET’s Caroline McCarthy has a photo and description.  And here it is on the map:

The historic building, formerly home to the Wanamaker’s department store, spans an entire city block and now holds offices of one variety or another for companies as varied as J. Crew, Viacom and Billboard. And there’s famously a K-Mart (one of Manhattan’s few-and-far-between big-box discount retailers) on the ground floor… 770 Broadway is in a notably ambiguous location, to the point where AOL could really stake a claim to one of a handful of Manhattan locations depending on how it wants its new “advertising, not access” incarnation to be branded.

Another tidbit about 770: Back in the Web 1.0 days, lived there.