Carol Bartz: Tiger Woods's Scandal Is Better For Yahoo Than Michael Jackson's Death

carol bartz yahoo

Speaking at the UBS Media Conference, Carol Bartz said the Tiger Woods scandal has been awesome for Yahoo, as users trickle through all its sites from gossip to sports.

It’s been even better for Yahoo than Michael Jackson.

(You can’t monetise coverage of a funeral. You can monetise coverage of a monster sex scandal.)

Other topics she hit:

  • Reiterated she’s not losing sleep over Facebook. Believes people still need Yahoo for big news of the day. Facebook big news about your friends.
  • She says search is still growing for Yahoo. It’s just not growing as fast as the market. But, it doesn’t matter, she wants revenue per search to grow.
  • What Google is to search, Yahoo is to display advertising. And she wants to protect that. There’s a project called “Winning in display,” at Yahoo. (Needs a better name in our opinion.)
  • Yahoo serves up 10 billion ads a day, she says. It has 10 billion impressions, and 600 million uniques. “You can buy a Super Bowl [sized audience] every day,” on Yahoo says Bartz. The number of people that see ads on Yahoo is unlike anything we’ve experienced in history. However, for now, advertisers aren’t paying as much as they do elsewhere.
  • Video is huge for Yahoo. It’s a “hot seller.” Her daughter’s finance class at USC starts the class by watching Tech Ticker each day. Her daughter won’t tell the professor that her mum runs Yahoo, though.
  • Yahoo is the biggest driver of traffic to other sites on the web. It has some content of its own, but it does traffic for content deals. “We try to be a white hat,” with content.
  • On paywalls, Murdoch: If our content partners want to build paywalls, it better be really awesome niche stuff. No one is paying for the Tiger Woods story. It’s on too many sites.

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