OUCH: Carol Bartz Gets A 75% Pay Cut

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[credit provider=”AP”]

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz saw her compensation drop by 75% to $11.9 million last year.This is for two reasons: the board gave her a huge sign-up package, and Yahoo’s performance has been crappy of late, so the stock-based part of her compensation is underwater.

This is wholly warranted. After making a good first impression and refocusing the company around its core portal business, Bartz hasn’t really articulated a vision for the company and most indicators are headed south. It’s highly likely she won’t see her contract renewed next year.

If Bartz had made tangible moves to turning Yahoo around meaningfully, shareholders would be happy to pay her tens of millions of dollars more for her trouble. But she hasn’t, so they won’t. This is how it’s supposed to work.

(AP via, no kidding, Yahoo News)

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