CARNIVAL CEO: We'd Be 'Crazy' To Abandon The Costa Brand

Micky Arison

Photo: Forbes

Carnival and its subsidiary Costa are still feeling the heat in the aftermath of the tragic Costa Concordia crash  in January. The cruise line invited a lot of criticism after multiple questionable moves that ramped up its PR crisis.To make things worse, Costa had another problem in February when one of its cruise ships went adrift after a fire.

So what’s to become of the devastated Costa brand? 

Carnival CEO Micky Arison recently came out in defence of Costa in an interview with Gene Sloan at USA Today:

“It is damaged. It will take some time [to rebound], but we’d be crazy to abandon such a powerful brand … Costa is a 64-year-old brand that is ingrained in places [such as] Italy … I can’t say strongly enough that we fully support the brand and the management of the brand.”

There you have it. It looks like Costa won’t go the way of extinct brands like ValuJet (which rebranded to AirTran following a crash and subsequent PR crisis).

Is it the right way to go? Time will tell, but customers are generally quite forgiving because they understand that accidents will happen.

But between the eccentric captain’s exploits, the weak response to quell the negative PR and the “insulting” discount debacle, Costa has been set back far more than it should have been.

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