Carnival Would Like You To Please Stop Thinking About 'The Poop Cruise'

Seven months after the notoriously hideous ‘Poop Cruise’ left more than 4,000 people stranded in the Gulf of Mexico, Carnival is rolling out a $US25 million advertising campaign to highlight some of the more pleasant experiences its passengers have had.

In a television advertisement from Arnold Worldwide, Carnival uses customer-submitted family photos and videos to show off the “unforgettable moments” people experience on its cruises. The spot will run starting Monday in conjunction with an online “Moment Tracker,” which will display Instagram photos taken by 10 passengers aboard the Carnival Breeze.

Carnival says it’s hoping to re-ignite consumer interest in the brand prior to the beginning of the new year, the peak time people make cruise ship reservations.

Following a checkered recent past that has seen four Carnival ships catch fire in 15 years, the brand has a long road ahead of it. Carnival announced Tuesday it will let passengers off its ships and offer a 110% refund if they tell the company they want to leave at any point during the first 24 hours of the cruise.

Here’s the TV spot:

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