Carnegie Hall Stagehands Who Make Up To $US400,000 A Year Have Gone On Strike

Carnegie hallWikimediaCarnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall stagehands,
some of whom make upwards of $US400,000 per year, have
gone on striketo demand jurisdiction over the hall’s new education wing, The New York Times reports.

Carnegie Hall officials say this would divert funds away from educational programs and into costly stagehand fees. Instead of giving the Carnegie Hall stagehands jurisdiction, the hall wants to hire other unionized workers who cost less.

Carnegie Hall executive and artistic director Clive Gillinson said in a statement to The Times that the stagehands already have “one of the most lucrative contracts in the industry.”

Dennis O’Connell, Carnegie Hall’s prop manager, made $US465,000 last year, Bloomberg reported in July. In 2009, the average pay for all five full-time stagehands at the hall was more than $US400,000.

The strike has forced Carnegie Hall to cancel its giant opening-night concert, which raised about $US2.7 million last year.

New York Public Radio editor Brian Wise tweeted this photo of the picket line outside Carnegie Hall:

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