This model wants to make history for Victoria's Secret -- and she's gaining serious traction

Model Carmen Carrera wants to be the first transgender Victoria’s Secret model, Time reports.

Many people want her to make history, as well. In fact, this has been in the making for years.

In 2013, Marco Delgado launched a campaign on to help get the “RuPaul’s Drag Race” star and model on the iconic Victoria’s Secret runway.

“By asking Carmen to be a model, Victoria’s Secret would show the entire community that they embrace trans patrons,” he wrote. “There are so many prejudices toward the trans community, even within the LGBT community, and many trans individuals are not seen as real people.

“To see a transgender model walk would show that trans women are to be taken seriously and that Angels are selected because of their character and talent. As a brand, Victoria’s Secret should feel comfortable marketing towards ALL types of women.

Nearly 50,000 have signed, and recently, many people have been tweeting in support of the “Couple’s Therapy” star.


“I want to do this for the 50,000 people who signed the petition on,” Carrera said to Time. “I want to do this for, of course, me and my career.

“I’m a show girl at heart. If I’m going to do fashion shows, this is the one to do. And I want to do it for my family. I want them to be proud of me. I want them to be like, that’s our kid, we raised that girl right there. And my community, for sure.”

This is not the first time someone has petitioned to see non-traditional models on Victoria’s Secret runway. Last year, plus-size model Britney Cordts started a petition on asking Victoria’s Secret to showcase plus-size models during its famous show.

The show will tape in November. Victoria’s Secret hasn’t responded to Carerra’s petition.

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