Knicks executives appeared to laugh while watching a video of Carmelo Anthony working out

It’s unclear how much longer Carmelo Anthony will be on the New York Knicks, as he’s reportedly open to being traded to the Houston Rockets and Cleveland Cavaliers.

In the meantime, Anthony still appears to be working out hard this offseason, wherever he may land, as evidenced by videos posted by his trainer Chris Brickley.

How the Knicks feel about those workouts and Anthony’s preparation for the season may be another matter, however.

On Sunday, Brickley posted a video on Instagram of Anthony doing sprints at a park at 2 a.m. While the dedication was impressive, the actual athletic feat was not particularly noteworthy — Anthony didn’t seem to be going full speed.

Later on Sunday, during a Knicks Summer League game in Orlando, cameras showed Knicks GM Steve Mills, alongside several other executives, appearing to watch the video. The group then seemed to be laugh while watching the video, though it’s unclear exactly what they were laughing at, if it was Anthony’s video at all. Still, it did not look good.

According to ESPN’s Ian Begley, the Knicks declined to comment on the matter, making it difficult to know what, exactly, was going on on the sidelines.

Perhaps the Knicks’ front office was simply laughing at Anthony working out at such a strange hour. Perhaps their laughs weren’t malicious — maybe they simply found the video funny. Or perhaps they were just laughing in general. 

But it doesn’t seem like the video will help what appears to be a fraying relationship between the Knicks and their star player. 

Knicks executives laughing at Carmelo’s workout tapes is all you need to know about that situation
— 12up (@12upSport) July 2, 2017

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