Oh My God Carmelo Anthony Better Not Kill This Jeremy Lin Thing (He Probably Won't)

carmelo anthony of the new york knicks worried

Photo: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Tonight is the final night of Jeremy Lin’s honeymoon with the Knicks.It’ll be all wrap-around passes and pick-and-rolls, all silly handshakes and awe-shucks grins. And the Knicks will probably overwhelm the injured Hornets with ease.

But the real work begins Sunday when Carmelo Anthony is expected to return from injury and share the court with Lin for the first time.

So, is it going to be a disaster?

Probably not.

Until the Sacramento game, the Knicks were getting absolutely nothing out of small forward Bill Walker. Basically, Walker stood in the corner while the other four guys on the Knicks ran pick-and-roll.

It’s impossible that this new offence could be worse by subbing in Melo for Walker. In theory, it could be way better. Carmelo should be getting the ball a lot on the wing while the defence is rotating, which is a dream scenario for NY.

So the question isn’t whether Melo can “fit” into this new offence. The question is whether Melo will give in to his ball-hogging instincts and refuse to allow Lin to run the offence that’s won seven-straight games.

There will be times when Melo has to go one-on-one late in the shot clock. But if his whole 1-on-5 thing replaces Lin pick-and-rolls as the defining aspect of the Knicks’ offence, then it’ll be an utter disaster.

It’s essentially Melo’s decision. There’s no logical reason why the Lin-Melo marriage can’t work. But it’s up to Melo to work within the offence and give up the New York spotlight that he lobbied so hard to attain last season.

So enjoy tonight, Linsomniacs, because things get a lot more combustible on Sunday.

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