Carmelo Anthony Smacked A Sixers Player In The Head, Started A Mini-Fight

carmelo anthony slaps spencer hawes

Photo: CSN screenshot

The Knicks beat the 76ers and ended their four-game losing streak last night.

New York played with more energy, especially defensively, than they had in several weeks. At one point in the third quarter, that energy crossed the line when Carmelo Anthony went and slapped Spencer Hawes in the back of the head before going up for a rebound.

Hawes successfully boxed out Anthony, and Carmelo responded with a subtle smack to the noggin. Hawes immediately confront Anthony, who backed away while Tyson Chandler stepped in to shove Hawes back.

Hawes and Chandler were both given technical fouls in the ensuing scrum. It wasn’t until the referees looked at the replay that they noticed Carmelo’s smack and gave him a flagrant foul.

Here’s the replay from CSN Philly:

Here’s a zoomed-in screenshot. That’s Melo’s hand:

carmelo anthony slaps spencer hawes

Photo: CSN screenshot

The mini scrum:

spencer hawes tyson chandler yelling

Photo: CSN Philly

Another look at the slap:

carmelo anthony box out

Photo: CSN Philly

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