Carmelo Anthony Opened Up A Pop-Up Shop In NYC To Promote His New Sneaker

Carmelo Anthony

In conjunction with Jordan Brand, Carmelo Anthony just released his newest basketball sneaker – the Melo M8.

Always looking to stay one step ahead of the game, the superstar and his endorser opened up a pop-up concept shop in an empty warehouse called Flight Lab 159 on New York City’s Bleecker Street.

You can’t buy the shoes there. You can only look. It’s an interesting idea. And one, they hope, that will draw the sneaker additional buzz.

Jordan Brand installed the concept shop near a fairly unassuming corner on 159 Bleecker St.

The storefront is anything but unassuming. Jumpman signs are everywhere. As are loud mentions and pictures of Carmelo.

The entrance is always guarded.

This is what everyone came to see: the Melo M8. Carmelo had a great deal of input on the shoe's design and its features.

The shoes can be found everyone. They're tied to various panels of hardwood, designed to exhibit Carmelo's explosiveness and ability to tear up the court.

Verbiage is intricately placed throughout to promote Carmelo's - and the shoe's - themes.

In case you needed a closer look. It's like the shoe was heaven sent.

And in the centre of it all. Two projection screens engulfing you as Carmelo speaks. (skip to the :20 mark)

Will his shoe live up to some of the greatest ever?

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