Are The Nuggets Pushing Away The Best Offer They'll Get For Carmelo Anthony?*

Carmelo Anthony

UPDATE: Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports says the Nuggets want 5 first round picks from a multi-team trade and may even want the Nets to include Devin Harris.

EARLIER: The New Jersey Nets have had an offer of Derrick favours, Troy Murphy, and draft picks for Carmelo Anthony on the table for months, but the Denver Nuggets have shown no sign that they’ll accept the deal.

Denver understandably wanted to wait and see if it could convince ‘Melo to stay, or if better offers would come, but neither has happened, and now the Nets are running out of patience.

The Nets still covet the superstar from Syracuse, but they’re getting increasingly frustrated with the mixed signals Denver is sending. 

New Jersey isn’t quite ready to pull its offer from the table, but the Nets don’t sound very willing to negotiate further with the Nuggets.  This may have turned into a take it or leave it situation, and the Nuggets had better choose one or the other before it’s too late. 

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