Carmelo Anthony Didn't Want The Knicks To Sign Crazy Person J.R. Smith

jr smith on the nuggets

Photo: AP

Carmelo Anthony did NOT want the New York Knicks to sign J.R. Smith, according to the New York Post (via Larry Brown Sports).”If it happens, it happens and I’ll be happy,” Carmelo told reporters at the time, but a source tells the Post that he was “not gung-ho and was ‘hurt’ Knicks upper management tossed his advice out the window.”

Anthony and Smith were teammates in Denver, where Smith was known as a good shooter when he actually tried, but is mostly remembered for his ridiculous antics.

The Knicks are 3-7 since Smith became part of the regular rotation.

New York has also lost five games in a row since backup point guard Baron Davis proclaimed that the Knicks would win the 2012 NBA title.

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