Now Chris Broussard Is Reporting The Nets Are Back In On Carmelo Anthony

ESPN Chris Broussard Studio Anchor

Photo: ESPN Screengrab

At the end of the day, Chris Broussard will have gotten it right. If only be default.The ESPN reporter who blows up every rumour he hears into a full-fledged story, has used SportsCenter segments to name the Knicks, Nets, Lakers, Mavericks, and Rockets as the likely destinations for Carmelo Anthony at various times.

With no plausible team left, and with the latest Knicks and Lakers rumours having long been digested and exposed of by the sports media, Broussard fed the beast by tossing the Nets back into the discussion.

He’s reporting that despite Prokhorov’s promise to withdraw from the ‘Melo talks last month, the Nets have reached out to the Nuggets and returned to the negotiation table. Once again, they’re dangling prized prospect Derrick favours.

As with the boy who cried wolf, we don’t know how much stock to put into these rumours. We only know that if there’s another team contemplating – or even daydreaming – about acquiring ‘Melo, Broussard will be the first to tell you. Eventually, he’ll break the story. No matter how many mulligans it requires.

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