Why No One In LA Cares About 'Carmageddon 2'

The 405

Photo: artbrom via flickr

Los Angels transportation officials will shut down a 10-mile portion of Interstate 405— the country’s most crowded freeway — this weekend in order to continue one of the regions biggest construction projects in recent memory.But no one seems to care.

That’s because last summer, transportation officials shut down the same highway stretch and blitzed the city with public service announcements for weeks before — asking them not to drive, urging them to go out of town, and encouraging walking during a blistering LA summer. JetBlue even offered $4 flights from Burbank Airport to Long Beach: about a 45 minute flight, and a 1-2 hour drive (depending on LA traffic)

But ‘Carmageddon,’ as it was dubbed, was quite the letdown.

The announcements and warnings worked almost too well, as the roads ended up being completely clear; a cyclist even beat the JetBlue flight to Long Beach.

This time, there are no doomsday commercials. The mayor is not urging his constituents to leave his city. Everyone knows the 405 (as we Angelinos have dubbed it) will be closed, but ‘Carmaggedon 2’ doesn’t seem to elicit the 

So is this going to be a “boy who cried wolf” situation? Will the success of ‘Carmageddon’ doom ‘Carmageddon 2?’

It could be a long 53 hours.

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