Carly Fiorina Treated For Cancer


Carly Fiorina, who broke the glass ceiling to become one of the first female CEOs of a major tech company, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  She underwent surgery and is reportedly doing well.

MercuryNews: Fiorina was diagnosed with breast cancer Feb. 20, the day before she appeared at a GOP convention in Sacramento.

“The surgery went very well. Her prognosis is excellent and she expects to make a full recovery,” Deborah Bowker said in a phone interview with the Mercury News…

As the former HP CEO, Fiorina was the first woman to be hired then fired as chief executive of a Fortune 20 company.

After writing a book and a short-lived stint as a commentator on Fox Business Network, Fiorina joined the political arena full time, stumping for John McCain during the presidential campaign and speaking at the Republican National Convention. She has been mentioned as a potential candidate in 2010 for the seat held by California Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer.

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