The Mets Are Trading Carlos Beltran To The San Francisco Giants

Carlos Beltran

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

ESPN’s Buster Olney says the Mets are at “the one-yard line” in negotiations to trade Carlos Beltran to the San Francisco Giants.Since the deal isn’t totally final yet, details of the trade aren’t out yet – and there’s always another possibility that another team swoops into pluck the outfielder away.

Olney says pitching prospect Zach Wheeler will be involved, sending New York a much-needed prospect.

Beltran gives the Giants a much-needed bat to fill the hole left by the Buster Posey injury.

The Mets get rid of a expensive, but disappointing superstar … and wait until next year. Again.

Just a friendly reminder that even as the NFL overflows with free agent news, the baseball trade deadline approaches as well.

It’s going to be a wild week for transaction nerds, no matter what your sport.

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