Carli Lloyd trashes her old team for trading her, scores the goal to beat them 1-0 one day later

Carli lloyd us japan finalKevin C. Cox/Getty ImagesCarli Lloyd exacted revenge on her former club.

US World Cup hero and Houston Dash midfielder Carli Lloyd scored the lone goal to defeat her ex-club Western New York City Flash Saturday, just one day after she trashed her former team for trading her last season.

Prior to the match, Lloyd told the Rochest Democrat and Chronicle’s Jeff DiVeronica she “lost all respect” for the organisation after they traded her to Houston without any prior indication they’d even considering doing so:

“To not have the decency and respect to call me prior [to the trade] and say, ‘Hey, here’s what we’re thinking. The next couple years are busy for you [with the World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics],’ or whatever. Just to tell me on the spot like that was pretty low.

“That’s the reason no one wants to go play there. Because if you don’t treat people with respect, you’re not going to get respect in return and I have lost all respect for the organisation. I would never want to play for an organisation that doesn’t respect me, doesn’t respect what I do.”

Lloyd got her revenge on the field the next day.

After after a corner kick was cleared, Lloyd’s World Cup teammate Meghan Klingenberg was able to send the ball back into the box where Lloyd headed it in for a goal:

After the game, Lloyd refused to apologise for her prior comments, telling Equaliser’s Megan Manzari she stands by what she said.

“I don’t think it’s a lot to ask to get a little respect in this league. We don’t get paid millions of dollars to just be uprooted from our families, friends and homes and be traded on the spot. It’s not just my situation. It’s across the board,” Lloyd said. “I’m not here to whine, complain and create drama. I’m not about that, but I’m here to speak the truth and I’m here to stand up for what I believe in.”

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