Carl Icahn: Donald Trump Runs Companies So Badly, It's A Disaster When He Takes Over

donald trump

Corporate raider Icahn has his eyes set on Atlantic City, where Donald Trump used to be king, and it’s causing some tension:

New York Post (via The Reformed Broker): 

Trump on Icahn: “(He) runs companies so badly that I think it’d be really bad for the company if he took over.”

 Icahn on Trump: “we run companies successfully in many areas, but on point, let’s talk about casinos — Donald’s favourite business.  I purchased the Stratosphere in Las Vegas out of bankruptcy for $300 million in 2000, cleaned it up and sold it one-and-half-years later for $1.3 billion…Somehow, I don’t notice the same record at the Taj which went bankrupt three times under Donald’s stewardship.”

Oh, and what was Icahn’s response when Trump referred to himself as “hot”?

“If hot means being able to burn other people’s money, I guess he’s correct.”

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