Carl Icahn thinks Donald Trump's speech outlining his new economic plan was 'great'

Carl Icahn thinks Republican Presidential nominee Trump did a great job outlining his vision for the economy.

Icahn, in a series of tweets, expressed admiration not only for Trump’s speech on Monday that laid out his economic plan, calling it “great.” The billionaire hedge fund manager also said that the way Trump handled protestors’ disruptions of the speech was spectacular.

Icahn and Trump have been close for some time, and Trump even said he would consider Icahn for Treasury Secretary should he be elected. Icahn accepted but later turned down the offer. More recently, he turned down an offer to be on Trump’s economic advisory council.

Additionally, Icahn closed the Trump Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City last week. The casino was originally owned by the candidate until it went bankrupt in 2009. Icahn said he had spent around $100 million trying to save the casino.

Icahn endorsed Trump in September 2015.



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