CARL ICAHN: Hillary's economic plan is a 'mishmash of contradictions'

Carl Icahn does not like Hillary Clinton’s ideas for American business.

The hedge fund billionaire took to Twitter to express his dissatisfaction with the Democratic presidential candidate’s economic proposals.

After reiterating his support for Republican candidate Donald Trump on Tuesday after a speech outlining his economic plan in Detroit, Icahn tweeted his disapproval for the Democratic rival after Clinton’s own economic speech, also in Detroit.

“Hillary’s speech was a mishmash of contradictions,” said Icahn. He also criticised Clinton for her plans to increase environmental and other business regulations, which he called “strangulating.”

In contrast, Icahn expressed his support for Trump earlier in the week despite Trump’s recent “blow up” (as Icahn described it) involving the Gold Star Khan family.

“He’s a smart guy and I think he understands the mistakes he’s made,” said Icahn on Tuesday.

Check out the mini-tweetstorm below:



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