Carl Icahn defends Donald Trump's vulgar comments about women in a bizarre CNBC interview

In a strange, rambling interview with CNBC ‘s Scott Wapner, hedge fund titan Carl Icahn defended comments about woman by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump from 2005 that were recently leaked.

Icahn, who has supported Trump since the primaries, said that the comments by Trump that he was able to “grab” women “by the p—y” because of his fame was simply “locker room talk” and that he had heard similar comments “at bachelor parties.”

Icahn then repeatedly asked Wapner if he had been to bachelor parties and heard language similar to Trump’s. Wapner, shaking his head, eventually said, “I have not heard that kind of language”

“Well then you don’t go to bachelor parties or you’re a hypocrite,” Icahn responded.

In defending the comments, Icahn said that if we held all politicians to the same standard then more than 90% of the people in Congress would not be there.

“He didn’t know that was going to televised or on a radio program or even bet taped,” Icahn said. “It’s one thing to do it in a locker room… you’re going to tell me that anybody who said anything bad about a woman — not bad, but joking — about a woman in a locker room… Then I don’t think you’d have anybody in congress.”

Icahn also noted that former John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton had extramarital affairs.

“To say that that doesn’t happen, and with the highs, the most mighty, it happens, and then make this the reason you don’t elect a guy, I think, is hypocritical,” said Icahn.

“How about Kennedy? How about Clinton for Christ’s sake? How about most of our presidents? Kennedy used to have girlfriends over there. We’re being hypocritical.”

Wapner wrapped the line of questioning by asking if Icahn still thought Trump could win. The hedge fund legend said he did, but that Trump’s chances were “not as good” as they had been before the tape.

Check out the full exchange below:

Carl Icahn tells @CNBC: I still support Trump amid 2005 leaked audio; he should stick to the issues.
— CNBC Now (@CNBCnow) October 17, 2016


Icahn blasts critics of Trump’s 2005 leaked comments: “I’m not defending that” but “to say that doesn’t happen…is hypocritical”
— CNBC Now (@CNBCnow) October 17, 2016



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