Carl Icahn, Comedian (YHOO)

Does Jerry Yang know who he’s up against in Carl Icahn? Jerry’s been busy lately, so he may not have had time to read a comprehenisve dossier on the famed greenmailer (or to get through this awesome retelling of Icahn vs. Dick Parsons, courtesy of the New Yorker).

Update: Looks like Icahn will make a run for Yahoo. Look out.

But here’s a nice set of snapshots of Carl and where he comes from, and what he thinks of himself these days: Two clips of him, from 2004 or so, recounting takeover stories from the 1980s.

Carl on Getty/Texaco:

Carl on U.S. Steel and Leon Black:

If you get all the way through these things, you may be asking yourself: How does Carl Icahn get a group of tourists at Caroline’s to laugh — multiple times! — during very long monologues about 20-year-old corporate boardroom battles? The answer: They’re not tourists.

The room was filled with people who’d come specifically to see an evening of “corporate comedians”, and Carl was the headliner. We were at that event (long story) and as we recall, by the standards of the evening, Carl was actually pretty good.

As you can see , he wasn’t really telling jokes, per se – he was more of a raconteur, in the style of, say, Eric Bogosian, or the late Spalding grey. But much wealthier, which is the other reason we recall him getting laughs: When a billionaire tells a joke, everyone in the room tends to chuckle.

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