Carl Icahn, Angry Blogger!

As promised (several times) Carl Icahn is finally blogging, via “The Icahn Report”.

And boy, is he blogging! There is a lot of copy up there right now — Carl seems to have taken up Marc Andreessen’s “I’ve had a lot on my mind for the last few years, and I’m letting it all go at once” approach.

And because we’re bloggers ourselves, we haven’t had time to absorb it all. But we are picking up a couple themes just by scanning the posts’ titles:

  • “Corporate Democracy Is A Myth”
  • “About CEOs — Anti-Darwinian Metaphor — Survival of the Unfittest”
  • “Absurdity Of Corporate Board Elections”
  • “Absurdity Of The Staggered Board”
  • “Absurdity Of The Poison Pill”

Posts we haven’t found yet:

  • “What Went Wrong At BioGen”
  • “What Went Wrong At Yahoo”
  • “What Went Wrong At Time Warner”
  • “Man Oh Man, Do I Hope Motorola and Blockbuster Pan Out”

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