Dodgers Outfielder Was Told To Stop Wearing Shoes honouring Jackie Robinson

Carl Crawford Nike Jordan

During Monday’s “Jackie Robinson Day” celebrations, Carl Crawford of the Los Angeles Dodgers caused a stir when he wore one blue shoe and one white shoe. Well, according to Mark Saxon of Major League Baseball was “upset” and has told Crawford to stop wearing the shoes all together.

Nike gave Crawford two pairs of the Jordan PEs, a blue pair and a white pair. The shoes are a tribute to Jackie Robinson and include Robinson’s no. 42 on the back.

However, instead of picking either the blue pair or the white pair, Crawford wore one of each. It was a surprising “look at me!” move on a day when all players were wearing Robinson’s no. 42 on their jerseys that were without names.

After the game, Crawford’s agent spoke with Major League Baseball who told Crawford stop wearing either pair of shoes. According to Saxon, no fine has been handed down yet, but one is likely coming.