Careful What You Pitch At An IAC-Hosted Meetup

Two weeks ago, an earnest group of engineers showed up at the IAC-hosted New York Tech Meetup to present Ignighter, their own take on a dating site. Ignighter’s twist: Founders Peter Kamali, Dan Osit and Adam Sachs have created a Facebook app (of course) to help people arrange group dates.

Does involving other people in your dates sound like a good idea to you? It did, apparently, to IAC: Its dating site has just announced its own attempt to move online dating “from a solitary to a more social experience.” Match’s program, called MatchMyFriends, allows members to nominate their friends for potential matches and then vouch for their potential “date-ability”, as well as rating potential suitors.

We’re not suggesting that IAC ripped the Ignighter guys off: Even if they wanted to, hard to imagine an IAC operation getting something on the market, from a standing start, in two weeks. And to be fair, MatchMyFriends isn’t exactly group dating, it’s more like a group setup — which sounds much more awful. Still, perhaps best for Meetup presenters to consider this a cautionary tale: Even if you’ve got a half-good idea, there’s a good chance someone’s working on something similar. Hurry up and get it out there.

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