A rising star on Wall Street says the 2 things that will make you a success have nothing to do with money or smarts

Razzy ghomeshi 30 rbc capital markets
Razzy Ghomeshi, RBC Capital Markets. RBC Capital Markets

Razzy Ghomeshi has quickly climbed the ladder during his short time at RBC Capital Markets.

Ghomeshi, the firm’s head of investment grade trading in the US, began his career at RBC out of college.

He started in investment-grade credit, and after a year and a half he got his own trading book. Soon after, Ghomeshi was promoted to run the investment-grade trading book, normally the biggest and most actively traded at the firm.

So, he knows what it takes to get ahead.

Ghomeshi, an inductee to Business Insider’s Rising Stars of Wall Street list, recently shared with Business Insider the two attributes he thinks are key for finding success on Wall Street early on.

A good attitude, according to Ghomeshi, is paramount.

“This means showing humility, modesty and an eagerness to learn, all of which will help you excel,” he said.

He says young Wall Streeters shouldn’t go into things thinking they have all the answers.

“It’s ok (and expected) to ask questions often,” he said.

The second key to success, according to Ghomeshi, is consistency. Here’s Ghomeshi:

“Being consistent throughout everything you do from your performance to showing up and being present to your demeanour and behaviour. If you have a good attitude and remain consistent, you’ll be in a great position to succeed.”

The 30-year-old has made a name for himself on the Street during his short career, having been recognised three times as one of the “Most Helpful Traders” in investment-grade credit, according to Greenwich Associates.

He graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 2009 with a degree in finance, international business, and marketing.

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