The game company that sold nothing for $5 on Black Friday made $71,145 -- and split it among employees

Amy cards against humanityScreenshot/Cards Against HumanityA Cards Against Humanity employee weighs in on how she spent her bonus.

This past Black Friday, the so-called “party game for horrible people” Cards Against Humanity had a hilariously bizarre deal: Give them $5 and get absolutely nothing in return.

In a blog post today, Cards Against Humanity’s founders revealed that this stunt made the company $71,145, with 11,248 giving $5, and 1,119 people giving more than that. One guy even gave $100.

All for literally nothing. But wait, there’s a punchline here:

“There’s been a lot of speculation about how we would spend the money from Black Friday, and we’re happy to announce that this time, we kept it all. Here’s what we bought,” Cards Against Humanity writes.

While Cards Against Humanity actually has a history of making big donations to charitable causes, this time, they used the cash more selfishly, splitting it evenly among its 17 employees for ao ut $4,185 each.

It then goes on to break down what employees actually bought with their windfalls: Lots of Cards Against Humanity employees bought Sony PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Wii U video game consoles. Others put money into savings, bought gifts for others, including a $1000 car, or paid some of their student loans.

But the real highlights include a “custom suit of men’s armour” ($1500), two front row tickets to the Chicago Cubs home opener ($1,058), and a 24-karat-gold YVA vibrating massager with “eight pleasure settings” ($3,120).

Finally, and the absolute best part: Despite the gag of Cards Against Humanity keeping the money for themselves, several Cards Against Humanity employees actually gave in the hundreds or thousands to charities and nonprofits including Planned Parenthood,, and the American Refugee Committee.

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